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Question about Military Funeral Customs

I’m looking for someone who knows about military funeral customs, specifically for the air force. I’ve just finished working on a story that takes place around this subject and I was hoping someone would be willing to read through it and ensure what I have is correct. Most of the information I was able to gleam came from Arlington’s National Cemetery website but they weren’t specific and I’d like to be as true as possible.

Or if anyone could just direct me to some sites, that’d be great too.

Age Nitpick/Query

I just have an odd little nitpick/query that I thought that I would share *grin*:

I just don't understand the number of Atlantis fics that make a point of mentioning that Elizabeth is older than John. Unless there is some info in the show that I missed, I would assume that the actors are playing their age, or close to it? If that is the case, well Torri's only about a year older than Joe.(omg, I'm such a geek that I know that *grin*)

I only nitpick, because some of the fic make it sound like a significant age difference. I was just wondering what was up? A year is obviously not a big age difference. Is age difference a big thing in the 'ship?

Just random thought... *grin*
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Seattle 2 (Icondesperience)

To Capitalize or Not...

For the love of all things bright and shiny, please set me straight!

Should the word Wraith be capitalized (if it's not the first word in a sentence)? In fic I see that sometimes it isn't. What about if the word is attached to an object, say: waith stunner? Is it not capitalized then?

Thanks for your assistance in this matter. :o)
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The Squid Called Chaya

The last episode of SG-1 (US)included an explaination about why the Ori are REALLY evil. They said that a kind of "great power" comes from being worshipped by multitudes of humans. My question- isn't that what Chaya was doing on Proculus? Playing God (or Athar, as it may be) to it's inhabitants?

And what about Oma? Didn't we meet her when she was being worshipped as Mother Nature?

Any comments folks?
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Seattle 2 (Icondesperience)

Leadership Heirarchy in Atlantis

Could someone please tell me or point me in the direction of where I could find out what the current leadership heirarchy is in Atlantis? If Weir and Sheppard were to be killed, maimed, or went missing, who would be in charge both overall and of the Atlantis military personnel? Do the military personnel have seniority over the scientists? Does Dr. Beckett have seniority over everyone?

Thanks in advance for any nuggets of info. :o)
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Yes, more "Trinity" meta

Over at my journal, I posted a meta on what I see as a scientist double-standard, mainly on the writers' treatment of Sam and Rodney. It has spoilers up to Atlantis's Trinity, and SG-1's Gemini. Also, if I'm doing this wrong, I'm sorry--it's my first meta. ^_^;;

X-posted to metagate.
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"Trinity" Meta

There's been a whole load of really interesting discussion and meta about the last episode, which I thought might be worth re-linking here for those who don't read metafandom (among other places). This is my first post here, so I hope y'all will tell me if I'm breaking any unspoken rules or anything...

Caution: Most of these have detailed spoilers for "Trinity"; some also make references to BSG and/or SG-1.

1. A fairly old (April) discussion by merryish of the differences between what you might call the genre of SG-1 and SG:A.
OMG my slacker ex-boyfriend and that dork from the debate club are supposed to save the world?? We are SO DOOMED!!!
It's not directly relevant to this week's episode, clearly, but some of the ideas from it seem to be bouncing around fandom at the moment.

2. A brief and thought-provoking look at the history of the Trinity atom bomb test Rodney talks about, with some detailed analysis of the episode, all by scalesandfins. Go and read this *right now* if you haven't already. If you have, then go and read it again.
the title of the ep-- "Trinity"-- refers to the 1945 test not as a parallel to the events of the episode, but as a lesson of history that the Atlantis expedition members-- and McKay in particular-- should have learned, but haven't.

3. Some talk by sjkasabi about SG:A, BSG and attitudes to foreign policy in these fictional universes. Spoilers for general storylines on both shows up to the end of S1 but not episode specific.
...it's kind of interesting to see that now we're both post Cold War and post 9/11 we can tell ourselves stories about The Bomb again.

4. A short post by bethbethbeth about the subtext in this episode, and the way our attitudes to fanfic spill over into the canon
I think I've actually come to expect that certain set-ups are always going to lead to a physical (usually sexual) resolution.

Then a couple of alternative perspectives on the episode:
5. Race, assimilation and power: Ronon and Teyla dealing with the Atlanteans by jennyo. I'm not at all convinced that what she is talking about is something that was intentionally built into the episode, but it's certainly interesting.
Ronon and Teyla don't have to integrate or become tokens to interact with that culture, because they have a different view of Otherness

6. Government on Atlantis - nostalgia_lj talking about power structures within Atlantis, and how what the show tells us is true doesn't always match what it shows us.
Within the terms of Atlantis itself, Sheppard is The Man and is supportive of The Man.

Any thoughts? More good meta about the episode? I'm not looking for fandom / fanfic meta, although goodness knows there's plenty of that around just now, so much as actual *show* discussion.
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New SGA reference available

Because I hate not having names or info I need about all the characters when I'm writing, and, oh yeah, because I'm a big geek *vbg*, I've started working on a chart that has basic info about the SGA personnel from Earth. Additions and corrections are welcomed as always, and spoilers up to and including the most recent ep that has aired in the U.S. will always abound.